Wuhan TV news on garbage classification

Wuhan TV news on garbage classification

  In 2018, Wuhan has carried out the classification of living garbage in an all-round way, which is about to separate dry and wet garbage. The recycling of garbage and harmful garbage can be recycled. The professional organization is responsible for recycling. It not only makes the "rubbish" that has been put in the wrong position to get a new life, but also helps to improve the awareness of environmental protection, improve the environment of human settlements, and lead a new green civilization.


  Wuhan Huali provide service on waste classification, also supplier of biodegradable bags. Zhanglibin, CEO of Wuhan Huali attended Wuhan TV news broadcast on garbage classification, to discuss current situation of sorting of garbage in Jiangxia and Donghu New tech zones. " Many persons pay for money on collection of garbages, but they don't aware of sorting of garbages . We have so many work to do and long way to go. Firstly to build up awareness of smart classification, and guide the whole people to participate in garbage classification is becoming a normal life. Also the govenment take activity in general mobilization of document of garbage classification.Besides correct guidance, strengthened interaction and increased publicity are suggested.


Intelligent classification and skillful processing

when we scan the digital code shown on bags, we know who throw it away. Recently, smart garbage sorting boxes appeared on the streets of Wuhan. A two-dimensional code is printed on the kitchen waste bag specially equipped with "wet refuse". Technical staff, if the residential area of intelligent garbage classification, each household will have a card, a monthly card can receive a volume of garbage bags, the two-dimensional code on the bag represents the identity of each household. If there are residents mixed with garbage, they can be found and persuaded or publicized in time.

It is a long way to go to protect our living areas !

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