Compost Waste Bag

Eco Compost waste bags are made from renewable and sustainable plant based materials, and non-toxic compostable polymer. They are strong, durable and fabulous for packing a variety of waste.
These compostable garbage bags are 100% are biodegradable and compostable. They compliant with EN13432 test, ASTM D6400, COMPOSTABLE and SGS standard, break down and decomposes within 6 months under compostable environment.
Huali Compostable biodegradable waste bags are Tear-resistant, leak-proof, compactor friendly.
These compost garbage bags fits small cans.

Compost waste bag

Compost waste bag

EN13432 ASTM D6400 certified compost waste bags 

3 Gallon / 8-10 Liter capacity, size 16.1 inch x 16.1 inch x 0.6mil, with approximated loading weight of 8 lbs ; 25 bags per roll

These compostable garbage bags are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, mainly derived from plant starch and other compostable resin --- an alternative to the traditional fossil-based solutions that may contain polyethylene or other non-degradable plastics.

Our compost waste bag compliant with U.S. standard ASTM D6400 and European standard EN13432, and also certified by BPI, OK COMPOST, COMPOSTABLE as proof for compost. 

These compostable materials made waste bags are strong, durable and fabulous for packing a variety of waste. They can be used as food scrap bags, dog poop bag, compost trash bag, organic waste bag. Think about our earth and save more resources. 

Product spec


Product name

Compost waste bag

Capacity3 Gallon / 8-10 Liter
Size16.1 inch x 16.1 inch 

Bag Type

flap on top part, star seal on bottom

Colorwhite, with green print on side
Applicationgarbage, waste collection

Packing info

25 bags per roll 


Ctn size: 27x22x24cm 

Compostable garbage bag


What's the material of your bags ?
Our bags are made from cornstarch, PLA & PBAT, which is not only biodegradable but also compostable, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags that may contain polyethylene or other non-degradable plastics....more
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